The Chestnut - Natural Latex & Coir Mattress

The Chestnut - Natural Latex & Coir Mattress

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The Chestnut, Natural Coir (Coconut Fibres) Mattress


Genuine Customer Reviews for The Ash Natural Mattress.


8cm of pure Coir (Coirtex) & 4cm Pure Latex that contours to your unique body shape. 

This Medium feel Specification Natural Coir (Coconut Fibres) Mattress was designed for the customers that have slept on Coir mattresses or that require a very firm sleeping platform. The Mattress has layers of Cotton & Wool all supplied to us from UK suppleirs. There are no chemicals inside the mattress even the liquid latex we use to fix the layers of Natural coir together is waterbased.

Some of the benefits of using this Natural product are that it is

•   Antibacterial

•   Mould Free

•   Dust Free

•   Non-Allergenic

The boarder of the mattress is side tacked and fitted with turning handles & Vent's & a branding handle, no glue is used not even on the lables as we are the only company to actully engrave our lables.

The mattress is upholsterd in 100% Herringbone Weaved Cotton this is not only traditionally the best cover for a mattress, its long lasting and also breathable keeping your mattress climatized to your surrondings.

The Mattress is finished all by hand in the UK & checked and packaged for transporting to you in recyclable plastic bags & protective cardboard corners.


Our pure Natural Latex is filled with tiny holes for air circulation, very similar to our pore’s that let our skin breathe.

The Coirtex is a closely guarded secret mix of Natural Latex & Coir Fiber, which comes from the husk containing the coconut. Using the formula gives the mattress the unique qualities that have been awarded our Ten Year Warranty.

The mattress is then encased in the specifically picked long wool fibers, that gives it a soft and springy resilient. Wool is also hypo - allergenic and naturally flame retardant, leaving it free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

This Mattress Naturally Meets All British Flame Retardency Regulations.



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