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Green Dream Jade

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The mattresses in this collection are made using the the best individual items that have been used for the bedding industry for hundreds of years. The Mattress has been tested for a Durabilty Test and also a Edge Sit Test both tests was passed with flying colours your more than welcome to veiw the actual test results from World Renowned testing House FIRA but the end result was:-

The Mattress that we sent was Tested "Jade" Test @25 years of use Mattress lost  15mm (1.5cm) a fraction over half an inch, in total height. Outstanding.

Genuine Customer Reviews for The Green Dream Natural Mattresses.


Durability Test Mattress Bed Unit Hieght Height Change Hardness Value(40%Indentation( Hardness Change Firmness Rating Firmness Change
As Recived 300MM -- -- -- -- --
Rolled for 100 Cycles 296MM 4MM 998N -- 5.6 --
Rolled for 30000 Cycles 285MM 11MM 998N 0N 5.4 0.2


Edge Sit Test Height Recived Height After 100 Cycles Height After 5,000 Cycles
Mesurement 287MM 284MM 280MM



Video of Durability Test (Jade Mattress)

Lets see whats inside.


Cocolok is made purely from natural coconut fibres and natural latex.

The fibre is collected from the coconut husk, a resource that is widely available. Coconut palms grow on 10 million of hectares of land throughout the tropics. Only a fraction of the huge quantities of nuts are collected for industrial use. The food industry is the main consumer, and it focuses on the coconut meat, jettisoning the fibres as a waste product. Natural Coir Bed Co gives these valuable raw materials a new purpose in life.

Coconut fibre has a very high lignin content, so it is very tough. Despite this toughness, it is also elastic. The fibre hardly deteriorates at all over time. To make the fibre resilient and to make it possible to create very open and ventilating structures, we spin the fibres into ropes. These ropes are transformed into sheets and then sprayed with natural latex, juice from the rubber tree, to provide structure and elasticity.

The latex that we spray on the coir sheet is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite-resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. Natural latex is a fully renewable material. Coir is a product that is naturally adapted to the human body. We feel comfortable in coir, just like we feel comfortable in wool, cotton and horsehair. The difference becomes quite clear when we put on, for example, a shirt made of polyester.

Its open and resilient structure allows Cocolok to create a good micro-climate (which is an advantage with mattresses).

Cashmere Fibre Features:

Luxury fibre, Light weight, Lofty, Natural crimp, Adjust to humidity in the air for adaptability in all climates, Extremely soft, Excellent insulation

Cashmere is a luxuriant wool that many a fashion-conscious woman has dreamed of wearing against her skin. Its silken feel, feather-light weight, and appreciable status make it highly desirable. Despite the glamour associated with cashmere, it hails from humble beginnings. Cashmere is the wool or fur of the Kashmir goat. Kashmir goats are primarily raised in Mongolia, but many are bred in Iran, Tibet, India and China.

Fine de-haired under coat cashmere wool is a truly beautiful fibre which has been used as one of life’s luxuries for thousands of years. The soft fine fibres offer luxurious, comfortable insulation from its lightweight make up which helps create the breathable micro-climate which is so important in many applications. The fibres are highly adaptable and are easily transformed into fine or thick yarns, and light to heavyweight fabrics. The high moisture content allows insulation properties to change with the relative humidity in the air.

Wool Fibre Features:

Long Strong Fibres, Cool in summer Warm in winter, Super Soft

The finest Wool comes from the underbelly and throat of the Sheep, but a lesser grade is also taken from the Sheeps' legs and backs. Longer fibres from the belly and throat area make the wool especially soft and cause less "pilling" when the fibres are woven into garments such as sweaters, shawls, capes, dresses, and coats for both men and women. The shorter fibres from the backs and legs are heavier and less expensive, making it easier to afford a luxury garment.

Silk Fibre Features :

Luxury Fibre, Absorbs moisture, Strongest natural fibre, Cool in summe, Warm in winter.

For centuries, silk has had a reputation as a luxurious and sensuous fabric that is associated with wealth and success. Silk is one of the oldest fibres known to man. The Chinese have used it since the 27th century BC. Silk is mentioned by Aristotle and became a valuable commodity both in Greece and Rome. In the Roman Empire, silk was literally worth its weight in gold. The unique production process adds to the mystery and exclusiveness of the fabric. It takes 5500 silkworms to produce one kilogram of raw silk. 

Natural Latex

Derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis, or the rubber tree, latex is the most naturally durable cushioning material available. So, while it might cost a little more initially, in the long run, only latex will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and support for years to come. The unusually good point elasticity of natural latex provides ideal support to every part of the body. This provides an especially comfortable sensation when lying down. The resting person does not perceive the high supporting ability of natural latex as “hardness”, but as adaptable counterpressure.

In addition, natural latex is breathable, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The latex products fulfil the demand for luxurious bedding that is kind to the body as well as the environment. Natural latex is a natural renewable material. 100% Pure Natural Latex is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting to breathe fresh, clean air while they sleep

Our latex is 100% natural, is completely biodegradable, and uses no health enhancing chemicals or masking agents. It's soft and supportive, it helps relieves pressure points, it's antimicrobial, and resists mould and dust mites.


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Green Dream Emerald Green Dream Emerald
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Green Dream Lime Green Dream Lime
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Latex Lavender Dream Mate Pillow Latex Lavender Dream Mate Pillow
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Naturally Strong Base on Legs + Drawers Naturally Strong Base on Legs + Drawers
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